**Award of Awesomeness Nominee!** We Can Change the Past: Unearthing the History of Arab Indianapolis

Central Library - Clowes Auditorium 40 E. St. Clair Street, Indianapolis, IN

Watch the short film "When We Were Syrian: Early Lebanese in Indianapolis" here. Watch a debut performance of the film, “When We Were Syrian: Early Lebanese in Indianapolis,” and learn more about the forgotten past of Arab Indianapolis. “When We Were Syrian” is a deeply moving autobiographical short film that reveals a past overlooked in […]


B-Movies and Bad History

KanKan Cinema and Brasserie 1258 Windsor St, Indianapolis, IN

Good history doesn’t always make for good drama. Share your feelings about the best (and worst) portrayals of the past on screen through clips and conversation with our panel of local filmmakers and historians. What happens when Hollywood defines how we think about history? Can we create an historically accurate film without taking dramatic license? […]


Common Grounds Cinematic Conversations: The Enduring Legacy of the Plantation

Crossroads AME Church 4602 N. College Ave., Indianapolis, IN

Explore resistance to change in social and political hierarchies of the U.S. through three films—including “Antebellum”(2020)—a panel discussion, and community conversations. This event—a film festival featuring “Antebellum,” “Sankofa,” and “Harriett”– asks the public to consider how much the United States has changed in the 400 years since the arrival of the first enslaved Africans and […]