Community Agreements

Change happens by listening and then starting a dialogue with the people who are doing something you don't believe is right. -Jane Goodall

Spirit & Place believes in the need for brave spaces in which challenging dialogue can occur. We also believe we are beholden to each other to work through these difficult conversations with a commitment of honoring each other’s humanity. We are all responsible for creating the energy needed for brave spaces to work.

When we gather to grapple with “the hard stuff,” we ask attendees to join in common agreement to:

*Be respectful and mindful of each other.
*Never use racial or other derogatory slurs.
*Be present for and attentive to those around you.
*Listen to understand, then speak to be understood.
*Be an active participant in the work that is needed.

If an event makes you truly uncomfortable or triggers strong disagreement, pause, breathe, and reflect on these community agreements before speaking, but do participate in the moment to be heard!

If attending a Spirit & Place Festival event, make sure you fill out an evaluation form and follow up with the event organizers directly.

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