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Spirit & Place trusts the community to create solutions, make new connections, engage in difficult dialogue, and transform civic life.

Our programming is never done in isolation, but is co-designed and implemented with the expertise, insights, and talents of numerous community partners. In doing this work, we aim to strengthen community capacity by providing opportunities for the public to engage in the “hard stuff,” the “joyful stuff,” and everything in between!

We also provide facilitation coaching and community development training via the arts, humanities, and religion.

Explore our various community dialogue and other programming activities!

Dialogues & Other Programming

Working with community is important at all stages. We work with others to design and implement our programming and again with event attendees — who become their own little community when they enter the space! — to create the energy needed for a successful gathering.

Read more about the (basic) Community Agreements we utilize in our programming spaces.

Community Agreements

Powerful Conversations on Race (PCR) is a monthly community dialogue series exploring topics around race, racism, and the resulting impact. These sessions provide a means of getting comfortable talking about uncomfortable topics are are rooted in humanities- and art-based materials and sources.

The arts, humanities, and religion are powerful tools that help build civic bonds.

Civic gatherings can take many forms, most notably “Civic Saturdays” and “Civic Circles.”

Learn more here.

This five part dialogue series helps unpack varied lived experiences related to the words “inclusion,” “diversity,” “equity,” and “accessibility,” among others.

We are proud of our community efforts outside the Spirit & Place Festival and invite you to reminiscence with us on our past events.

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