K.P. Singh

Educated in India and the University of Michigan, K.P. Singh has made his home in Indianapolis since 1967. The founder of K.P. Singh Designs, K.P. specializes in pen and ink drawings of private residences and public institutions and his works are represented in many private and public collections throughout the world. K.P. Singh has become one of the best known and most prolific Indiana artists in the last half century, essentially becoming the state’s artist-in-residence as he’s captured the architectural highlights found across the state.  His classic pen-and-ink renditions of college campuses, monuments and great buildings are prized by collectors and museums alike. His recent book, THE ART AND SPIRIT OF K. P. SINGH  published by Emmis Books, offers more than 200 beautiful pen and ink drawings of historic and architectural sites from across our country and around the world. “My artwork reflects my cultural and spiritual inspirations.  The artistic legacy of master builders and craftsmen in different cultures stands as a living testimony of the high achievements of man over the centuries.  We must create a place of honor for it in our national fabric,” says Singh.  One of his goals is to inspire others to rediscover, know and enjoy their communities.