About The Polis Center

A self-funded unit of the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI, The Polis Center works collaboratively with other organizations and networks to provide community-based research, analysis, information, and access to advanced information technologies, which help create positive community change. With its multidisciplinary and entrepreneurial approach, Polis has developed numerous ways to understand the communities in which we live. Its Encyclopedia of Indianapolis tapped community experts to produce one of the nation’s first urban encyclopedias. The books and videos produced through the center’s path-breaking Project on Religion and Urban Culture offer a wide range of information on the intersection of faith and community in Central Indiana. SAVI, the nation’s largest community information system, is an interactive data and mapping resource for individuals and organizations in Central Indiana. Polis also works nationally and internationally, especially through application of its expertise in digital technologies such as Geographic Information Systems. Spirit & Place Festival, which developed from the center’s interest in creative collaborations, is an example of Polis’s efforts to advance Central Indiana as a leading example of how communities can work together to promote civic engagement and enduring change.

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