Spirit & Place Festival
Read below to learn more about the CHANGE theme, the community agreements that guide Spirit & Place, and how you can engage more deeply with our work.

Given all the upheavals of 2020, Spirit & Place re-evaluated its theme selections for 2021 and 2022 (originally CYCLES and NOURISH) and learned CHANGE is speaking the loudest to people.

Why wouldn’t it? 2020 changed everything. We—and the world – feel changed. This change has been exhausting, exhilarating, terrifying, liberating, needed, too much, and not enough all rolled into one. 

What can we learn from all this change? How do the humanities—history, literature, ethics, etc.—help us make sense of the present and re-imagine the future? How might faith anchor and guide us during these times? What attitudes and perspectives can the arts shift so that we better tackle needed change?

Looking for event examples from past festivals? Check out the 2020 calendar-at-a-glance and Event Guide

Community Agreements
Spirit & Place believes in the need for brave spaces in which challenging dialogue can occur. We also believe we are beholden to each other to work through these difficult conversations with a commitment of honoring each other’s humanity. We are all responsible for creating the energy needed for brave spaces to work.

We ask all festival goers to join in a common agreement to:
*Be respectful and mindful of each other.
*Never use racial or other derogatory slurs.
*Be present for and attentive to those around you.
*Listen to understand, then speak to be understood.
*Be an active participant in the work that is needed.

If an event makes you truly uncomfortable or triggers strong disagreement, pause, breathe, and reflect on these community agreements before speaking, but do participate in the moment to be heard. Make sure you fill out an evaluation form. Spirit & Place also encourages you to contact the event organizers directly.

Get Involved!
Festival Application Guidelines & Process

Interested in pitching your own idea for the 2021 Spirit & Place Festival? Check out the application guidelines.

All applications must be submitted via the online portal by midnight on FRIDAY, JUNE 4.

Questions about application process? Need help brainstorming ideas, partners, or venues? Contact us!! We'd love to meet with you to learn about your ideas. Email festival@iupui.edu or leave a message at (317) 274-2462.

Prospective applicant meetings will be held via Zoom on February 18, March 15, April 21, and in May, if needed. Contact Program Director Erin Kelley (festival @iupui.edu or 317-274-2462) to receive updates.

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Year-Round Programming
Best known for the Spirit & Place Festival, Spirit & Place works in the community year-round by providing opportunities for reflection and conversation on the most pressing issues of the day. Learn more about community engagement values here and programming opportunities here.

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