Gabriela Frank

Born in 1972, Gabriela Lena Frank has been hailed as representing "the next generation of American composers." She regularly draws on and incorporates Latino/Latin American mythology, archeology, art, poetry, and folk music into western classical forms. Her compositions exhibit "unself-conscious craft and mastery" (Washington Post), and "brilliantly effective writing" (New York Times). Her work Las Sombras de los Apus for cello quartet was recently elected to Chamber Music America's list of "Top One Hundred and One Great American Ensemble Works". Other works include Requiem for a Magic America based on Pre-Inca civilizations for and new pieces for Chanticleer, the guitarist Sharon Isbin, The Silk Road Project, Orchestra of St. Luke's and the ProMusica Orchestra, among others.

“As an American born mestiza, I’m intensely interested in recasting the traditional folk music of South America using the resources of western classical instruments and forms. Recently, I began to coin the phrase for myself, ‘mestiza woman – mestiza music,’ as a pithy wrap-up of what I do. And I find in music a potent contact zone for both cultural confrontation and amistad (friendship)." –Gabriela Lena Frank