Quay Kester, PhD

Quay Kester's diverse career has spanned the globe in fields of educational design, media messages, marketing, health care, medical illustration/photography, cultural competency and leadership education. She views the common thread for this work from an artist's perspective. She brings diverse elements together to create a dynamic product, and often uses traditional artist's processes to do so (contemporary realism in oils, watercolors and photography).

Ms. Kester has led learning experiences for health care administrators and professionals, clinical educators, socials service professionals, management teams, university students and faculty, not-for-profit organizations, and the "kids next door." She has presented at numerous national meetings. Her experience has taken her to Guatemala, Sierra Leone, the Philippines, St. Croix, Ghana, West Africa, and most recently, Kenya and Tanzania. Her doctorate from Indiana University is in Instructional Systems Technology. She has recently been certified to administer an ethics awareness inventory, is a certified EMT and certified Medical Illustrator. In addition, Ms. Kester is a master practitioner of NLP (neurolinguistic programming.)

The foundations of her work include commitments to a global perspective; customer service; multicultural inclusion; creativity; collaboration; facilitation of discovery; learner-centered focus; ethical decision-making; stewardship; hospitable learning environments; resourcefulness, playfulness, and humor. Specialty areas include Imagery as a Way of Knowing, Building Cultural Competence and Confidence, issues of equity and ethics, innovative educational design. She loves living in “developing” countries and enriching cross-cultural exchange.