Keni Washington

Keni Washington grew up in Indiana and is an Honors graduate from Howe Military School. He went on to graduate from Stanford University with a degree in Philosophy. He has always been an activist in social justice and environmental issues, and in 2002, he and other Stanford graduates from the 60's were welcomed back to Stanford to receive an award for their social justice work.

After working in the electronics industry for 25 years in California, Keni returned to Indiana and is now Managing Director of Earth Solar Technologies, a company that is developing renewable energy projects. He is an active board member of the Indianapolis Peace and Justice Center, working to protect the environment and for the peaceful resolution of international conflicts.

Keni is also a well-known jazz musician who plays tenor sax. He is married to Dr. Katerina Dulckeit, a Butler University Professor of Philosophy, and is the father of four and grandfather of three.