The Power of Professional Imagination

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
at Indiana Repertory Theatre
Cabaret Room, 140 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204

Special Venue Instructions: Capitol Commons and Circle Centre Mall parking.

Arts, Religion, Humanities
Event Format:
Discussion, Q & A Session, Reception
Adults of all ages
Sarah Fronczek, David Hochoy, Larry Hurt, Courtney Richards, Myra Selby, Thomas Wade

Event Description:

Success within professional fields is often defined by the individual who knows the rules—and knows how and when to break them. What does it mean to be an imaginative professional? How do we navigate the tension between professional protocols and innovation? How can the average professional bring the creative process alive within the workplace? How does creativity look or feel in a hospital, classroom, dance studio, sanctuary, or courtroom? Join panelists from medicine, law, education, religion, and dance as they discuss how imagination can reshape professional success and community development. Presenters include Sarah Fronczek, Fine Arts Specialist for the Indiana Department of Education; David Hochoy, artistic director, Dance Kaleidoscope; Courtney Richards, minister, Geist Christian Church; Dr. Tom Wade, physician, Methodist Medical Group; and Myra C. Selby, partner, Ice Miller LLP. The panel moderator is Larry Hurt, teacher, Ben Davis High School. Q&A will follow. Free. Presented by Dance Kaleidoscope, Ben Davis High School, Geist Christian Church, and Methodist Medical Group. Questions? Call 317-940-6555 or e-mail