Gifts of the Freethinkers
Sunday, November 11, 2007 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
at Center for Inquiry Indiana
350 Canal Walk, Ste. A, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Special Venue Instructions: Park on New York St. or in Indiana State Museum garage. Persons needing handicap accessibility should call 317-723-0710 prior to arrival.
Event Format:
Display, Film/Video, Reception
Adult of all ages, Seniors, Young adults (18-40), Youth (middle/high school)
Center for Inquiry Indiana & IUPUI Freethinkers

Event Description:

Clara Barton, Christopher Reeve, Thomas Paine, Mark Twain, James Madison, Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Carl Sagan, Thomas Jefferson, Stephen Hawking, Lance Armstrong, Katherine Hepburn, Steve Allen, and Ben Franklin—these prominent American “freethinkers” refused to accept the status quo and profoundly changed our world. This display of pictures, text, and video with live and audio interpretation shows how they contributed to society using reason, logic, analysis, and testing. This event occurs on November 9, 10, and 11. Refer to event date for times and locations. Admission is free. Classroom resources are available. Presented by Center for Inquiry Indiana and IUPUI Freethinkers.


Questions? Call 317-797-5892 or e-mail


For more information on how this event links to Indiana’s academic standards, contact Kendra Clauser, 317-278-0424 or