With Glad and Generous Hearts
Tuesday, November 13, 2007 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
at Christian Theological Seminary
1000 W. 42nd St., Indianapolis, IN 46208

Arts, Religion, Humanities
Event Format:
Lecture, Performance, Q & A Session
Adult of all ages, Seniors, Young adults (18-40)
Wilma Bailey, Ellen Handlin, Holly Hearon, Joyce Johnson

Event Description:

The story of Rebekah (Genesis 24), the account of the Levite’s concubine (Judges 19), the woman who anointed Jesus (Luke 7)—each woman’s story illuminates different dimensions of the generous or stingy heart and its impact on individuals, communities, and nations. Listen to these timeless tales, re-told by storytellers Joyce Johnson and Ellen Handlin, and reflect on their contemporary relevance with three Biblical scholars: Wilma Bailey, associate professor of Hebrew and Aramaic Scripture; Carolyn Higginbotham, professor of Hebrew Bible; and Holly Hearon, associate professor of New Testament. Q&A will follow. Admission is free. Presented by Christian Theological Seminary and Network of Biblical Storytellers.


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