The History of Prayer in America
Thursday, November 8, 2007 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
at Christian Theological Seminary
1000 W. 42nd St., Indianapolis, IN 46208
The History of Prayer in America
Humanities, Religion
Event Format:
Discussion, Film/Video, Q & A Session
Adult of all ages, Seniors, Young adults (18-40)
James P. Moore

Event Description:

From the days before European colonization to today, Americans have always been generous with prayer in their private and public lives. Discover how prayer is historically intertwined with the United States’ cultural, political, social, economic, and military landscapes. Dr. James P. Moore Jr., author of One Nation Under God: The History of Prayer in America, explores how artists, musicians, writers, slaves, American Indians, corporate tycoons, public figures, religious leaders of varying faiths, generals, and average Americans have shaped our history with prayer. Learn how prayer has influenced the way Americans understand social justice, redemption, forgiveness, and generosity. See clips from a PBS documentary based on Moore’s book, and share your perspectives on the ways prayer has shaped American culture. Admission is free. Classroom and congregational discussion guides are available. Presented by WFYI and Christian Theological Seminary.


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