Spirit & Place invites and encourages you to think of INTERSECTION as the place and space where possibility meets.

What big ideas are out there you want to explore? What happens when you couple that big idea with a ... but, or, and, also, between, or either? Does comparing or contrasting your viewpoint to something other create an opportunity for new discovery?

What happens when students at Stanford collaborate with different disciplines? A physicist creates “speed-of-light”art, individuals battling Parkinson’s are encouraged to dance, and literature shapes medicine. Think about Andy Warhol, and how he influenced modern art. Listen to this TED Talk about architect and designer Neri Oxman, who works at the intersection of design, biology, and technology.

LOOK LOCALLY: Passionate businesses like the Nine Lives Cat Café opted out of the traditional animal shelter, but rather serves coffee to help their feline friends; or author Josh Namaan, who started a podcast series titled “The Belief Books,” where he invites others to discuss what they believe and why. Every year, the Festival of Faiths encourages people of all faiths and backgrounds to come together to share and learn about each other’s faiths.

Can community members, artists, and police officers come together to improve public safety in the near east side neighborhood of Indianapolis? Be sure to check out the diverse work some local artists are doing within the Transformational Impact Fellowship program.

CONSIDER IT: When you think about medical school curriculum, you probably think of chemistry, biology, and pharmacology; so why are med schools interested in undergraduates who majored in liberal arts? Have you ever wondered how you can be so emotionally attached to a fictional character? English professors and their graduate students at the University of Kentucky turned to science to find the answer; read here about the science behind our love for fiction.