Diana J. Ensign

Diana J. Ensign, JD, is a contemporary author in the field of spirituality, parenting, environment, and healing. She has over 40 published articles, including cover stories, feature articles, and news pieces. She is the recipient of an Arts grant for a project that involved veteran interviews and culminated in a community program, Voices of Hope: Veteran Stories of Faith & Healing, broadcast by public access TV. She also received a grant through the Unitarian Universalist Church for construction of a permanent, outdoor labyrinth. Ensign’s spirituality embraces various faith traditions. The Tao Te Ching, The Upanishads, and writings by Thich Nhat Hanh, the Dalai Lama, Peace Pilgrim, Starhawk, Bear Heart, and many other spiritual and religious visionaries have aided her journey. She is certified in Reiki and practices yoga, t’ai chi, and qigong. She holds a Juris Doctor from Wayne State University Law School and a bachelor degree in English from the University of Michigan. Born in Florida and raised in Michigan, she currently lives in Indiana with her husband (a biologist) and her two daughters. Nature is her greatest wisdom source. Visit her monthly blog at www.dianaensign.com/blog.

Diana Ensign's book Traveling Spirit shares practical spiritual tools for your life's journey. This is the perfect book for anyone seeking help and guidance with human suffering. If you have experienced difficulties associated with grief, loss, addictions, or dealing with any of life's challenges, Ensign's book offers a path from suffering to happiness. That path begins within.

The journey to wholeness starts with the breath, an essential tool for any spiritual undertaking. Traveling Spirit then explores ancient spiritual techniques, from the more common practices such as yoga and meditation to the lesser-known practices of t'ai chi and shamanism. Find the joy in learning to apply spiritual tools in your daily life.

Ensign's book shows us the link between practicing our daily routines to building a more loving world community. A percentage of the profits from the book support the Lambi Fund of Haiti, which works on reforestation in Haiti, along with women's and girls' health, nutrition, and education. Visit them online at www.lambifund.org.

Her book is available for purchase from her website: www.dianaensign.com.