Heidi Fledderjohn

Heidi Fledderjohn MA, BC-DMT, RYT has worked as a Dance/movement Therapist since1990.  She utilizes the body, movement, and play to gently midwife psychological awareness and change.  Through her work, people of all walks of life have discovered their own reservoir of potential and creativity.

After completing a master's degree in Dance/movement Therapy, she earned an BC-DMT, the highest level of registry in the field. As a movement psychotherapist, she has worked all over the country in psychiatric hospitals, wellness centers, corporate America, Alzheimers units and forensic facilities. She has trained and supervised master's level creative art therapy students and other mental health professionals.  Her book, a resource tool for Dance/movement Therapists, was supported through a grant from the Marian Chace Foundation.

In the mid 90's, Heidi expanded her knowledge of the body, by completing massage training at the International School of Professional Bodywork.  Heid's deep respect and curiosity in the power of the body as a place for  healing led her to  a near decade long study of yoga and meditation culminating in an RYT, completion  of Anusara Inspired┬« Yoga Teacher reqirements and meditation teacher training with Lorin Roche and Camille Maureen. She continues to study under many mater teachers including Sianna Sherman, Todd Norina, Desiree Rumbaugh and Lorin and Camille. Yoga classes with Heidi are filled with delight, peace and are a great workout!

Through her work with Outward Bound Professional, Heidi has helped universities and corporations build high performing teams and enhance leadership.

Heidi draws from a deep well of creative experience.  She is a life long dancer and delighter in the arts.  She is a gifted performer in Playback Theater an improvisational, community, theater form.  She is a student of African Dance, the mystic poets and  Authentic Movement.   She is a big fan of public libraries, public radio and public hugging!  All these tools -coupled with her strong psychological education and a belief in the sacred in everyone- generate a solid, soulful, and vibrant method of approaching life, change and the self.