Carrie Newcomer

In the fall of 2009 Newcomer was a cultural ambassador to India invited by the American Embassy of India to tour the country performing for Indian audiences and visiting community services organizations. She taught workshops on songwriting, community service, and met and performed with contemporary, traditional and classical Indian musicians. She also visited slum programs for women and children at risk throughout the country of India. She returned with Gary Walters and James Brock to India Sept 2011 as a visiting artist at the Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai International Schools, and again performing for Indian audiences through the American Embassy of India.

In the fall of 2011 Carrie released her 15th album, Everything is Everywhere, as a special benefit project for the Interfaith Hunger Initiative on Available Light Records. In August 2011 The Times Music Company released Everything is Everywhere in India. Newcomer is an acclaimed musician who continues to create music from her uniquely spiritual and poignant take on the world. Everything is Everywhere is no exception, beautifully creating a fusion of east and west. Everything is Everywhere highlights Newcomer's ability to blend her rich alto with a poetic lyricism, seamlessly integrating western song form, American roots influences with the haunting sounds of the Indian classical sarod. In Newcomer’s words, "The songs on Everything is Everywhere were written to address what is unique and fascinating about our cultural differences, and yet reach into the common human thread that pulls between us."

Carrie was a co-creator of the popular theater production Wilderness Plots state show and PBS Special based on the book by Scott Russell Sanders. Wilderness Plots was nominated for two regional Emmys in 2012 and broadcast nationally on over fifty PBS affiliates. Carrie and her co-creators, Scott Russell Sanders, Krista Detor, Michael White, Tom Roznowski and Tim Grimm were recognized in both house of the Indiana Legislature for Contributions to the Arts.

Carrie internationally facilitates workshops and presents keynotes on the topics of songwriting, spirituality and vocation at colleges, universities, and spiritual communities, retreat centers. Newcomer, a Quaker, cuts across secular and spiritual boundaries. In recent years, she has emerged as a respected and recognized artistic voice for the progressive spiritual community. She’s also worked and created presentations with beloved authors, scientists and progressive theologians, Barbara Kingsolver, Jill Bolte Taylor, Phillip Gulley, Marcus Borg, Jim Wallis, Brian McLaren and Scott Russell Sanders.