I Nyoman Sedana
Group: Butler Theatre

Curriculum Vitae


Prof. I Nyoman Sedana, Ph.D.

Bali Cultural Studies (www.purikesiman.org)

IIAS Affiliated Fellowship, Netherlands 2011

Professor at the Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) Denpasar

Jln. Nusa Indah 8 Denpasar 80235, Bali Indonesia


Home address: Jln. Sedap Malam II  No 11 Denpasar, Bali 80237

Email: sedanaphd@yahoo.com Fax: (062-361) 224044, Tel (0361) 244589



2002 Ph.D. in Drama and Theatre from University of Georgia, Athens, GA. USA. Dissertation: Kawi Dalang: Creativity in Wayang Theatre

1993 M.A. in Theatre from Brown University, Rhode Island  USA Thesis: The Training Education and the Expanding Role of the Balinese Dalang (partly published at Asian Theatre Journal)

1991 Certificate as a Graduate Reciprocal Student in Music and Theatre of the University of California Santa Cruz CA. USA

1989 SSP.(essentially an MFA) degree in Balinese theatre (Pedalangan) from the Indonesian State College of Arts (STSI) Denpasar Bali Performance and Script: Luh Martalangu (a tale form Panji cycle)

1986 B.A. from the National Dance Academy (ASTI) Denpasar, Indonesia Research Paper: Wayang Arja (Opera Puppet) at Bona Kelod Gianyar.



2011 Affiliated Fellowship of International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden.

2010 (from Oct 14) Adjunct Professor at the Southeast Asian Studies, Ohio University;

2010 (May-June) Visiting Professor/Artists at Essex University, UK. (Prof. Leon Rubin);

2007-2008 Visiting Research Fellow within the Southeast Asia-China Interactions cluster in the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore;

2007 Visiting Artist in the University of  Hawaii Manoa Honolulu, USA (host: Prof. Barbara Andaya).

2006 (April-June) Robert and Rene Glidden Visiting Professor in Ohio University, Athens OH. (host: Prof. William Condee, School of Interdisciplinary Arts).

2006, 2008, 2010 Director of Bali Module for the World (BMW) and Kamajaya Art Company;

2006 Visiting Artist at Iowa University (host: Prof. Loyce, Dept Theatre and Design);

2006 (March 1st) Full tenure/professor at ISI Denpasar in the field of traditional theatre awarded by the Indonesian Ministry of National Education, Jakarta.

2005 Instructor of mask & puppet theatre for the Rhodopi International Theatre Collective, Sofia Bulgaria.

2004-7 Secretary of Research and Community Service Division, Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) Denpasar

2003 Lecturer, Indonesian Hindu University at Denpasar, Bali

2002 Education and cultural specialist for the government of Gianyar regency

2002-4 Chairman of the Dept. of Theatre (Pedalangan), Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) Denpasar

2001 Work-shop on the Balinese Kecak, Topeng, and Wayang Kulit theatre for the Southeastern Theatre Conference in Jacksonville Florida, USA.

2001 Dance instructor and Co-founder of Indonesian dance company in Atlanta USA http://www.sanggarlestari.com/main.php

2000 Directing Kecak (integrating Wayang puppet and dance drama) University of Georgia.

1999 Teaching Balinese dance in the Dance Dept of the Univerity of Georgia (host: Prof. Wheeler).

1998&99 Visiting Artist at Music Dept. Florida State University (host: Prof. Michael Bakan).

1999 Lecture Demonstration for the Asian Cultural Experience, Atlanta.

1998 Teaching "Galaktika" Gamelan music at MIT Boston.

1993 Artist-in-residence in the Holy Cross College, Massachusetts (host: Prof. Shirish Corde & Prof. Lynn Kremer)

1992 Visiting Artist at Emerson Collage (Theatre) Boston (host: Prof. Ronald Jenkin)

1991 Teaching Assistant, Music Dept. Brown University Rhode Island (under Prof. John Emigh)

1991 Co-founder of Gamelan Swara Santi group Univ. of Calif. Santa Cruz

1990 Visiting Professor of Music, Univ. of. Calif. Santa Cruz (co-instructor: Prof. Linda Burman-Hall)

1987 (permanent job) Faculty member at ISI (foremerly ASTI and then STSI) Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.



1.     Paper Presentation “Indian Diaspora in Contemporary Balinese Performance Arts” for the IGNCA International Symposium, Workshop and Festival on Intercultural Dialogue between Northeast India and Southeast Asia to be held in Northeast India and New Delhi from the 20th of February to 21st of March 2010.

2.     Paper Presentation “Puppet Mulian behind Hungry Ghost Festival: Asian Ancestral Deliverance in Performative Format” for the China-South Asia Int'l Cultural Forum, CFP on Asian Connections in Delhi, India, Dec 4-5, 2009.

3.     Paper Presentation “Iravan in Old Javanese Kakavin and Its Transformation in the Balinese Wayang Puppet Show” for the 1st International Wayang Conference Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Middle Java on July 16-17, 2009.

4.     Paper Presentation “Holy Water of Wayang Puppet Show Protecting People from the Kala Spirit” for the 3rd SSEASR Conference Denpasar Bali June 3-6, 2009.

5.     Presentation “Indonesia-China Interaction in Puppetry Art & Tradition: Clear Thematic Links without a Cogent Historical Evidence” for Seminar Series Asia Research Institute, NUS, 17/6/2008.

6.     Public Lecture “Glimpses of Chinese and Indian Cultural Elements in Balinese Arts and Performance” Museum NUS Singapore, 22/3/2008.

7.     Gamelan workshop for NUS Arts Festival, University Cultural Center, Singapore March 15, 2008.

8.     Balinese dance workshop for NUS Arts Festival, University Cultural Center, Singapore Feb 12, 2008.

9.     Presentation “Village and School Gamelan Training in Bali” for First Singapore Gamelan Festival by Gamelan Asmaradana, Republic Poly, Woodlands Singapore Nov 20, 2007.

10.   Presentation “Humanism and Multicultural Elements in Balinese Arts” for Seminar Internasional ARI, NUS tgl 6/11/2007 ARI, National University of Singapore.

11.   Presentation “A Comparative Study of the Wayang Kulit and the Tolpavakoothu Shadow Puppet Theatre” for Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Waikiki Beach Hotel Honolul, 12-15 Jan 2007.

12.   Presentation “A Comparative Study of the Wayang Kulit and the Tolpavakoothu Shadow Puppet Theatre” on July 4, 2006 for Sixth Annual Conference of the Asian Scholarship Foundation on Weaving Asian’s Rich Tapestry: Our Narrative, Our Agendas, July 2 to 5, 2006, Hotel David Bangkok, Thailand.

13.   Public lecture “Humanism and Multiculturalism in Balinese Arts” for the International Studies Forum, Bentley Hall, Ohio University, USA, May 19, 2006.

14.   Presentation “Religion and Balinese Theatre” for Panel Discussion, Iowa University, USA. April 21, 2006.

15.   Dalang narrator for Ramayana dance drama at Symphony Space 95th Broadways New York, May 22, 2006.

16.   Lecture demonstration and puppetry exhibition for the annual celebration of Janapada Sampada, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi, India. August 8, 2005.

17.   Attending Asia Scholarship Foundation Orientation and Conference, Bangkok Thailand, July 31- August 3, 2004.

18.   The following is a list of my International Experience as an artist performer:

1998/2002 Georgia, Florida, Boston - MA, Texas, Alabama, Kansas city, Wesleyan CT.

1997 Tokyo & Iwate Japan (for Indonesia-Japan Friendship Festival)

1996 Hong Kong  (for the Asian Arts Festival)

1995 Taiwan: Kaoshiung, Taichung, Taipei (for the TIFPT)

1994 Londrina, Brasilia,International School of Theatre Anthropology (ISTA Festival)

1994 Vienna, Austria, Europe (for Tanz Festival)

1990-93 California, Boston, Providence Rhode Island, New York, Philadelphia, New Hampshire

1986 Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sidney (Australia).

1982 Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France (Europe).



2011 Affiliated Fellowship of International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden.

2011 Fellowship from the International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden

2007/8 Visiting Research Fellow within Southeast Asia-China Interactions in Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore;

2006/2007 ASF travel grant to attend international seminars/conferences;

2004 Asia Fellows Awards of the Asian Scholarship Foundation to study Indian puppet theatre in India;

2002 Freeman Research Award;

1992, 1997-2002 scholarship/fellowsip from the Asian Cultural Council;

1990 from the Education Abroad Program (UC Santa Barbara);

1989 from the Ford Foundation;

1996 as Dosen Teladan a Model Lecturer, from the Indonesian Ministry of National Education and Culture;

1985 as Mahasiswa Teladan a Model Student, from the Indonesian Ministry of National Education and Culture;

1977 as Siswa Teladan a Model Student, from the Regent/Mayor of Gianyar Regency, Bali.



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2010 (from Oct 14) Adjunct Professor at the Southeast Asian Studies, Ohio University;

2009 Steering Committee for the Arts Council at Blahbatuh Bali  (Dewan Kesenian).

2008 Core group (Majelis) for the Cultural Arts Council at Gianyar Bali (Listibya).

1985 Manager KITA Dance Company.

From 1980 (to the present) Founder and Director of KAMAJAYA Art Company.



Work in progress: Wayang Kebo Iwa puppet theatre.


Constructing Play Scripts for Wayang puppetry and dance drama:

The Mountain Girl Luh Martalangu (1989), Bima becomes Sacrificed Caru (1994), Supraba’s Expedition (2002), Anugrah the Divine Award (2007), The Death of Niwatakwaca (2009), Sutasoma the Real  Humanist Leader (2009), Arjuna’s Meditation (2010), and Bima Goes to Heaven (2010).


Producing boys dalang in English version (Dalang Cilik Berbahasa Inggris): featuring the myth of Bima Goes to Swarga Heaven,  Sutasoma the Real  Humanist Leader and Arjuna’s Meditation. The last one was a combined puppetry and dance drama) that performed in Guwahati, Shillong, Agartala, Imphal, and Dimaphur in conjunction with the GNCA Symposium, Workshop and Festival on Intercultural Dialogue between Northeast India and Southeast Asia to be held in Northeast India and New Delhi from the 20th of February to 21st of March 2010.


Theatre: Olah Gita Dasanamakerta (collective works), Luh Martalangu, Kawit Dalang; Prometheus Bound (Wayang puppet adaptation), and The Abduction of Sita (combined puppetry and choir). 


Mime and dance: Fusion dance (a collaboration), Sri Nitis, Mahawireng Ganesha, Sarwademana, Vasavadatta.


Musical pieces: Slug Climbing Tree, Kawit Langen, and Kawi Mara.