Who are the Festival Partners?
Festival Partners are the 100+ cultural, faith-based, and community organizations that design and present festival events each year.

How do we apply?
Applications are typically due in early March. Download the 2013 Application Guidelines for background information. Contact Jennifer Gilles at 317-278-3623 or gillesj@iupui.edu if you have any questions.

Who's eligible to apply?
Cultural, congregational, educational, health and human service, libraries, community centers, and other civic institutions are welcome to apply. Individuals wishing to present must find an organizational partner.

How do events get selected?
Festival events are reviewed by a community panel and selected based on the following criteria: (1) originality and creativity, (2) opportunities for civic engagement, (3) strength of collaboration, (4) connection to the annual theme (RISK in 2013), (5) opportunities for audience interaction, (6) connection to the Spirit & Place mission, which is to promote civic engagement, respect for diversity, public imagination and enduring change. 

What types of events does the festival want?
We want breath-taking creativity. We want "never-seen-before" programs that illuminate the annual theme. We want dynamic and interactive programs that engage the senses. We want events that bring together diverse ideas and people.  We want you to collaborate with another organization, preferably outside your discipline. We want people to walk away from your event with the ability to change their life and the life of their community.

$2,500 Prize – New in 2013
To encourage risk-taking from community organizations, the festival’s Steering Committee will, for the first time, offer a $2,500 cash prize to one community organization that implements a festival program most emblematic of the “risk” theme. The prize will be awarded in December 2013.

Need help with your idea?
Festival Director Pam Blevins Hinkle is available to advise on program design and facilitate meetings with your staff and/or potential partners. Contact her at pbhinkle@iupui.edu or 317-278-2644.

Have questions?
Contact Program Coordinator Jennifer Gilles at 317-278-3623 or gillesj@iupui.edu.

2013 Partner Resources:

Spirit & Place Logos: 

  • Festival Partners are required to use one of the three Spirit & Place logos, shown below, on their website and in all their printed materials when referencing their festival event.
  • To download the full-size image in a new window, left click on the image below. In the new window, right click on the image and "save picture as..."