Festival Partners
Who are the Festival Partners
Festival partners are the hundreds of cultural, faith-based, and community organizations that design and present festival events each year. Check out 2016's event partners.

Who do I talk with to learn more?
To learn more about the Spirit & Place Festival, brainstorm event ideas and topics, explore new ways to design events, identify collaborative partners, and more, contact Program Director Erin Kelley (317-274-2462 or ekkelley@iupui.edu) and/or Community Engagement Director LaShawnda Crowe Storm (317-274-2463, lascrowe@iupui.edu.) 

How do we apply?
(1) Review the application guidelines. The 2016 guidelines can be reviewed as a reference. 2017 guidelines will be posted in January. 
(2) Attend the prospective applicant which is typically held in February.
(3) Access the online application  portal to submit your application by the deadline. (Tentatively: April 21, 2017)  
(4) Contact Program Director Erin Kelley at ekkelley@iupui.edu or (317) 274-2462 with questions or concerns!

When do we apply?
The online application portal typically goes live in early February and applications for the 2017 festival are tentatively due no later than April 21, 2017. Spirit & Place will host an (optional) prospective applicants meeting in February with a REQUIRED meeting the following June for all selected applicants into the festival.

Who's eligible to apply?
Cultural, congregational, educational, health and human service, libraries, community centers, and other civic institutions are welcome to apply. Individuals wishing to present must find an organizational partner.

How do events get selected?
Festival events are reviewed by a community panel and selected based on the following criteria: (1) inventiveness, (2) richness of opportunities for audience engagement/interaction, (3) capacity to communicate and execute a well-planned program (4) strength of collaboration, (5) connection to the annual theme (HOME in 2016), (6) understanding of and commitment to the Spirit & Place mission, which is to catalyze civic engagement through creative collaborations among the arts, humanities, and religion.

What types of events does the festival want?
We want breath-taking creativity. We want "never-seen-before" programs that illuminate the annual theme. We want dynamic and interactive programs that engage the senses. We want events that bring together diverse ideas and people.  We want you to collaborate with another organization, preferably outside your discipline. We want people to walk away from your event with the ability to change their life and the life of their community. We want you to help us create 10 days of shared reflection, conversation, and engagement around a yearly theme as a way to create a stronger sense of place.

Event Planning & Promotional Resources 
Event Planning & Promotions How-To Handbook 
Part 1: Event Planning Timeline
Part 2: Audience & Achievements
Part 3: Event Design
Part 4: Partnerships & Partner Responsibilities
Part 5: Budget Planning
Part 6: Venue Checklist
Part 7: Speaker Info
Part 8a: Promotional Overview
Part 8b: Social Media Guidelines
Part 8c: Twitter 101
Part 8d: Sample Social Media Messages
Part 9: Do's, Don'ts, and Pro Tips
PR Matrix
Community Calendars
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Welcome Message
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