Future Festivals

Cultural, faith-based, educational, health and human service organizations, libraries, community centers, and other civic institutions are invited to create innovative programming for upcoming festivals. Application guidelines are posted in the fall. Contact Festival Director Pam Blevins Hinkle
at 317-278-2644 or pbhinkle@iupui.edu. Learn more. 

2015 Theme: Dream
(November 6-15, 2015)

If, as Robert Fulgum posits, “dreams are more powerful that facts,” how might we dream together about the future? What past dreams are present day realities? How do myths and stories, prophets and mystics, as well as art forms give voice to deep yearnings of the soul? What aspirations and ambitions do we have for Central Indiana in the next 20 years?

2016 Theme: Home
(November 4-13, 2016)

The geography of home is complex and nuanced. Home is where we start from; home is where we are; home is what we long for.  Home is about place, relationships, opportunities, identity, community and connections. What does “home”  mean for Indiana and Central Indiana as we celebrate 200 years?