Future Festival Themes

Cultural, faith-based, educational, health and human service organizations, libraries, community centers, civic institutions, artists, musicians, and others are invited to create innovative events for upcoming festivals. Application guidelines are posted at the beginning of the year and the next application deadline is April 20, 2018. 

2019 Theme: R/Evolution
(November 1-10, 2019)

The Latin revolutio and evolutio are separated by a single letter. The first means "a turn around," implying swift or abrupt change. The second means an "unrolling," or "opening," suggesting gradual transformation or blooming. What do history, geography, science, astronomy, sociology, religion, political science, and cultural teach us about both revolution and evolution? What new ways of being, seeing, and doing are blooming around the world? What contemporary issues--in our backyard and elsewhere--are calling out for revolution? How can we, in the words of Dorothy Day, "bring about a revolution of the heart?"

2018 Theme: Intersect
(November 2-11, 2018)