Clockwork: A Multimedia Concert Constructed in 24 Hours

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When and Where:
Saturday, November 7, 2020 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
at Virtual Event

Special Venue Instructions: To make this at-home concert experience more interactive, Clockwork Music is offering many levels to support featuring donations, Clockwork merchandise, and other exclusive opportunities.


Event Description:

What happens when artists, musicians, dancers, videographers, and other creatives are randomly partnered and given 24 hours to create a new emergent work that will be debuted during the Spirit & Place Festival? We honestly don’t know but we think it will be awesome!

Maybe a group will want to explore the origins of the universe according to Yoruba traditions, Klezmer music, and tap dancing. Or, the origins of anxiety might be told through papier-mâché and classical opera. Anything is possible.

The spirit of this event celebrates new and emergent ideas developed in collaboration. Creators will be encouraged to construct new work expressing an origin story. Are you an artist who wants to participate? Contact Clockwork Jones at by Nov. 1 to learn more.

In lieu of an event fee, Clockwork & its artists are accepting PayPal donations.100% of the funds collected will go to support the event and the artists. Additionally, this is a competition! The winning group, as voted on by the livestream audience will win $1,000!

Live streamed via Facebook Pages for Clockwork Jones, Healer Indy, and Spirit & Place.

RSVP directly with the event organizers via Eventbrite.

Event info: (317) 274-2462 or 

WHY WAS THIS EVENT NOMINATED FOR THE AWARD OF AWESOMENESS?The inspiration for this event lies in a desire to build community and harmony among the various art scenes in Indianapolis. This city has so many incredibly talented musicians, visual artists, film makers, and dancers. Clockwork is a great opportunity to connect artists and the arts scene, create new work for the community, and push artists to new creative depths.

IMAGE CREDIT: Wildstyle Paschall