Growing Older, Taking Risks

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When and Where:
Wednesday, November 6, 2013 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
at Pike YMCA

7114 Lakeview Parkway West, Indianapolis, IN 46268

Milena Petrovic, Damian Stanziano


Event Description:

We never outgrow the need to make good choices but older adults face new decisions with different sets of risks. Risks that once yielded successful and consistent rewards may require re-examination. Older adults may encounter questions like where to live, what pills to take, what activities are safe, and more.

Dr. Petrovic will discuss how the brain assesses the probability of positive consequences rather than negative results when making choices. Then Dr. Stanziano will compare the risks of an active vs. sedentary lifestyle. At the "Risk and Aging" fair, participants can chat with exhibitors and get information about health, finances, social engagement, community service and become more aware of ways to maximize benefits of risk-taking as we age.

Presented by IUPUI Senior Academy; Pike YMCA; and University of Indianapolis, Center for Aging & Community. 317-679-6732 or