Opera's Not Dead!

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When and Where:
Wednesday, November 9, 2011 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
at Aaron Ruben Nelson Mortuary

11411 N. Michigan Rd., Zionsville, IN 46077

The Steele Project, Linda Heiden, Jennifer Nelson Williams

OPTIONAL: Bring new children's athletic shoes (sizes 10-4) and help Spirit & Place support Samaritan's Feet.

Event Description:

Enjoy an evening of opera while we examine the things we’d be willing to die for: life, love, and liberty. After viewing dramatic scenes from famous operas, a mortician and clinical psychologist will offer practical insights.

Opera characters die in particularly creative ways: throwing themselves off parapets, getting shot by firing squad, being burned at the stake, consumption, and banishment to Hell. What would their psychological states be if they were real people? The Steele Project Singers and Cantor Giora Sharon of Beth-el Zedeck present an evening of song and stories about these character, accompanied by Linda Heiden, a psychologist from Southside Counseling, who will discuss the mentalities of these characters. Do operatic reactions happen in real life to real people? In addition, a mortician will discuss how the bodies of these gruesome and untimely deaths would be handled in the mortuary. What kind of makeup would you put on the face of Juliette? What if a body has a hunchback?! An evening that is informative, eye-opening, and entertaining awaits our audience. A meet and greet with the performers will follow the show.

Presented by The Steele Project and Congregation Beth-El Zedeck. Questions? Call 513-545-2579 or email daniellemariesteele@gmail.com.

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